Giraffa home lift help You climb various levels of Your house !

Once, the stairways was the only way a man could use in order to move from one level to another in his own house.

Today the architectural barriers are no longer compatible with a new sensibility to disabled, senior citizens and fatigue generally.

Giraffa home lift is planned on purpose to satisfy the daily movement requirements.

Giraffa home lift is planned and installed on customer measures , requirements and choices :

  • simple installation and use
  • adaptable to available space, both internally and externally
  • silent, safe and EC/IMQ certified
  • minim al space occupation and low energetic consumption
  • available in a wide range of colours and materials
  • easy to use in case of emergency
  • ideal for apartments, block of flats, detached houses, terraced dwellings, offices, commercial and public buildings

Giraffa home lift makes Your house more comfortable and accessible, for:

  • doors at floor and car lift could be lined with wood, steel and mirror
  • could be installed both internally and externally, in supporting wall or in steel self-supporting head-frame, stove-enamelled in a wide range of colours, closed with transparent or opaque shock-resistant plate-glass or in other material.

Technical Data

  • Weight load: 300 kgs
  • Maximum length 15 metres (from 2 to 6 stops)
  • Maximum velocity 0.15 metres per second (standard regulation), "continuous push button control" and lightening push-button panel with Braille indicators for the blind
  • Car lift dimensions up to 1200 x 1500 mm
  • Power supply 220/380 Volt
  • Engine power 1.5 / 2.2
  • Hydraulic movement and mechanical safety assurances (recovery batteries)
  • Alarm signal system on car lift
  • Acoustic and lightening signals in case of overweight load, up or down extrarun
  • Light timer on car lift
  • Simplified wiring micro scheme
  • Telephone on car lift
  • Giraffa home lift is in specification of Directive Machine 89/392 CE and IMQ certified ( Milan ) in every component.

Our range of products for facilitated accessibility also includes:

  • Bathrooms with easy accessibility
  • Platforms for big weights

EDEN Ascensori Giraffa Piattaforme s.r.l.s. - IMQ Certification

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